Connections: Examining Hawaii’s Relationship with the Internet | Transmissions from Hawaii 02

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Episodes

Located over 1,800 miles away from the nearest continent, Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world. And yet thanks to the internet, people in Hawaii are more connected to the outside world than ever before. But have you ever stopped to think about how it is that people in Hawaii are able to access the internet? How is it that someone in Hawaii is able to do a video conference call or post a photo to social media despite being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? What about the future of Hawaii’s internet infrastructure? We address all these questions and more on this episode of Transmissions from Hawaii.


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  • Editing and sound design: Tony Vega
  • Transcript: Milabeats.go
  • Transmissions from Hawaii logo: fikrihidajat (Based on concept sketch by Tony Vega)
  • Featured image: Original artwork by Sergio Garzon. Sergio is an artist living in Hawaii. To see more of his work, follow him on Instagram @sergiogarzon).

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You can view the PDF transcript below or download it here.

TFH 02 - Connections Examining Hawaiis Relationship with the Internet



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